Our Company

Oxytec Solutions is a centralized medical gas pipelines and onsite oxygen generator systems solutions provider. It was established by a group of dedicated professionals whose decade of experience led them to become experts in the field of industrial instrumentation, oxygen generator and medical gas pipeline systems.

We, at Oxytec Solutions continue to live up to our commitment in being customer-focused. We prioritize our clients’ needs by providing them the most cost-effective and top-notch services and products.

We value experience, innovation, integrity and teamwork. With over a decade of experience in the field of medical devices and hospital systems industry, our credibility will assure our clients that we can deliver the results. We also understand how critical every project or transaction is, so we do everything that’s possible to make sure that our clients feel confident that we will uphold the highest level of integrity.

We are a people-focused company and we give importance and invest in our customers, both external and internal: our clients, and our team. We believe that people are the greatest asset and we value everyone we deal with.

With the hopes of providing high quality and innovative products and services suitable to their clients, we were able to establish our credibility in the industry. We were able to pass the strict requirements of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) and secure our official license to operate from FDA as a medical device distributor and importer.

➢ License No.: LTO-3000001622231

As a company that believes in innovation and collaboration, we partnered with leading manufacturing companies in the world.

Last January 2017, we partnered with Germany’s Inmatec GaseTechnologie, a global leader in the production of high quality Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators.

On May 2017, we also became the exclusive partner of Ohio Medical LLC  based in USA, one of the world’s leader in the Respiratory Therapy and Medical Gas Pipeline Industry.

We also became a distributor of Austco, one of the world’s leading provider of communication technology and software solutions.