Mission Vision

Our Vision

OSI aims to be the top of mind Customer-Focused Healthcare Systems Provider in the country. OSI is dedicated to providing the optimum quality of life through our cost-efficient solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To Promote a People-Focused Culture

At OSI, we understand the importance of the people who make the company: our clients, and our team. We dedicate ourselves to raise the service we provide by investing in our people and in our clients.

To Be the Industry Leader in Providing Innovation

Founded by a team of pioneers in the oxygen generator industry in the Philippines, OSI pursues to continuously improve their products and provide innovation to the healthcare industry in order to keep up with the advances in the oxygen generating systems technology.

Raise the Quality of the Products and Services in the Healthcare Industry

OSI aims to raise the quality of its products and services through partnerships with the global leaders in the industry.