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PSA Oxygen Generator

INMATEC IMT-PO Ontouch Series

The IMT PO OnTouch Series offers the latest network technology that ensures access to oxygen at any time and at any place through its INMATEC Remote Control procedure.

Compliant to the system production technologies of the Industry Standard 4.0, Inmatec’s PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology is the most advance in the market.

It was designed to be suitable for the cost-effective production of oxygen with a purity of up to 95%. Using PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) technology, it assures constant supply of small and large volumes of pure to ultra-pure oxygen.

Proudly made in Germany, it has passed the strictest quality management regulations of ISO 13485.


Medical Gas Outlets

All products are from Ohio Medical, a leading manufacturer of high quality respiratory products based in USA.

  • Available for different medical gases: oxygen, vacuum, medical air, nitrous oxide and evacuation
  • Compatible with different standards: D.I.S.S. Style, Ohmeda® , Puritan-Bennett® and Chemetron®
  • It also available for a wide range of types: wall, ceiling, ambulance, console, ceiling column, wall/console slide bracket and blank wall assembly, integrated flowmeter outlet, electrical receptacles and retrofit wall outlet

Medical Gas Alarm

  • We offer the latest innovation: Medical Gas Color LCD Touch Screen Area Alarm – offers quick and easy set-up and crystal clear monitoring
  • We also have area, master, and combination versions and retrofit alarms
  • Variety of Area versions are capable of digitally monitoring 6 or 8 gases simultaneously. It also has 2 pressure sensor options: local and remote
  • Our master alarm module is capable of monitoring up to 10 alarm points simultaneously. Each master alarm panel can monitor 10-30 alarm points in a standard box or 10-50 alarm points in a large box.
  • Retrofit medical gas alarms allow the use of existing wall-mounted alarms boxes

Medical Gas Manifolds

  • It is available in a variety of header configurations to meet the needs for each application
  • Its unique control cabinet is equipped with a leak detection alert
  • It is available for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Medical Air and Carbon Dioxide.

Medical Gas Valves with Zone Valve Boxes

  • Zone valve boxes are available from single to quintuple configurations
  • Multiple valve boxes are available in 4″ and 6″ deep versions
  • We also offer valves with extensions and dual gauge ports, locking and non-locking
  • All valves are cleaned for medical gas and available in sizes from ½” to 3″

Medical Vacuum Systems

  • We offer different types: Rotary Vane, Rotary Claw and Liquid Ring
  • Available in different capacity
  • Rotary Vane vacuum is available in lubricated and oil-less
  • Rotary Claw is available in oil-less
  • Liquid Ring Is available in Partial Recirculated and Total Recirculated

Medical Air Systems

  • We offer Oil-less Scroll, Oil-less Rotary Scroll, Oil-less Reciprocating and Non-NFPA Air system
  • For oil-less scroll, all models can be configured as either a duplex tank mount system or a multiple system with multiple compressors.
  • Oil-less Rotary Scroll are available in 7.5hp and 10hp.
  • Oil-less reciprocating systems are ideal for low and high capacity requirements. We have sizes ranging from 3 to 30hp.
  • Non-NFPA air systems are available in numerous configurations from enclosed oil-less scroll to simple tank mount reciprocating units.



  • We offer a wide range of Flowmeters for your needs: Amvex, 7700 Series, 6700 Series
  • Can be used for different medical gases: medical air, Heliox, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Available in Standard Thorpe style and Dial Style
  • Complete line of flowmeters from Neonatal, Pediatric, Adult and High Flow
  • We also offer Integrated flowmeter, CE options and a wide range of flowmeter accessories

Suction Regulators

  • We have different models available: Push-To-Set™, Ohio Medical Legacy and Amvex
  • Available in digital and analog gauge units
  • For neonatal, pediatric and adult use
  • In a wide range of suction modes: Intermittent/Continuous, 2 Mode Continuous, 3 Mode Continuous, 2 Mode High Continuous, 3 Mode High Continuous, Surgical Free-Flow and Thoracic
  • We also have different vacuum regulator accessories


  • We have two models: Ohio Medical and Amvex
  • Available in Click style and Compact style
  • We have Conserver, Mini, Single Port and 3-Port options
  • Available in Nut & Nipple Style, Yoke Style (Pin Index), Bullnose configurations

Oxygen Monitors & Analyzers

  • Our MINIOX3000 Oxygen Monitor is portable, easy to use, and is designed for in-line oxygen monitoring in hospital, home ventilator, NICU, and anesthesia delivery equipment applications.
  • Our Oxygen Analyzers are available in 100, 200 and 200E models. All features MiniOX 250 Long Life non-replaceable sensor and an auto-off feature to extend battery life.
  • Oxygen sensors are available in two formats: external and internal sensors

Gas Fittings & Connectors

  • We have an assortment of quick connect medical gas adapters, connectors and fittings, such as Ohmeda, Chemetron, Puritan Bennett, Med Star, Oxequip and Schrader styles to suit your needs.
  • Also available are threaded connectors and fittings including 1/8”, 1/4” NPT (National Pipe Thread), 1/4” and 5/16” Hose Barb
  • We also have various DISS (Diameter Index Safety System) connectors.
  • We can also create assemblies and manifolds to meet your complex gas delivery requirements.


  • The Tacera Nurse Call Solution is developed and manufactured by Austco, a leading nurse call and communication systems provider.
  • Tacera is one of the first in the latest IP-based communication system. It features real-time communication from the time patients are admitted until they are discharged.
  • Due to its real-time data, it greatly improves staffs responses and productivity. It also streamlines processes and prevents wasted time and resources.